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Civil Suits For Partition

Civil Suits For Partition

Partition means division of property between two or more co-owners. Partition of property in India takes place either through a partition deed or family settlement agreement. A co-owner can also file a suit for partition in court.

There are several modes of dividing a jointly-owned property between the co-owners, depending upon the fact whether the property is:

  • Divided with mutual consent of all the co-owners.
  • Divided on dispute/demand by one or more co-owners.

Before a court case is filed for partition of property in India, we help you send a legal notice to the other co-owners regarding family property partition. The legal notice for partition suit must include the shares of each co-owner, details of the property in dispute and the action required to be taken. If the co-owners do not respond to the legal notice or send insufficient reply, a partition suit can be filed.