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About NB Law Firm

This firm focuses on providing a broad band spectrum of legal services including litigation, mediation, documentation and general legal consultancy. Consisting of a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced lawyers, the firm primarily focuses in resolving the legal issues consistent to complex and serious injuries, business disputes, family issues, accidents and other cases for every client with the same perfection.

The firm offers legal aid and advice in cases relating to personal injury, family disputes, divorce, violence, child custody, dowry harassment and much more for our clients.You will get the following services with experts of our best litigation law firm in Delhi:

The firm ensures cost effective representation and personalized attention to every client to maintain the quality of work and to deliver practical and innovative solutions to them. Our motto is to help the clients achieve their goals by adopting the best possible legal approach to find the best solution to a legal issue. We strive to attain the highest degree of professional standards.

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The firm provides an elite team of experts having specialization in personal laws and experience of dealing with cases of utmost sensitivity. The firm ensures in dealing every case with dedication, commitment and great emphasis is laid upon being responsive and responsible to the client while delivering with the highest standards of accuracy.

Why Work With Us

We understand the needs and requirements of every client and we are able to satisfy the clients by offering the expert solutions at NB Law Firm. If you need reliable and trusted services with top professionals, you can work with us without thinking twice.

Our Mission

We are working with a mission to provide the highest success rate and assurance of right full justice to every client with the help of our professional and experienced lawyers.

One stop solution

NB Law firm is the one stop solution all matters regarding family disputes and personal conflicts. With our professional lawyers, the clients will find a complete range of law services related to the cases of Consent divorce, annulment of marriage, contested divorce, domestic violence and much more

Experienced team

Our team of experienced and skilled business/legal advisors is just a phone call away, in case there arises any questions regarding the process or if you want to discuss your case. We try to make sure that all your doubts are cleared before they actually arise.


In all the family law cases, the information that is required from the client to share is usually sensitive to talk about. We ensure, as we know the state of mind of the party involved in the case, that after entrusting us with the valuable information, privacy of the client will be maintained and no 3rd party will have access to that information.

Priority to the emotional aspects of the clients:-

NB Law Firm priories the emotional need and values the emotional aspect of their clients. The needs and aspirations of the clients are given the first priority and the best suited legal remedy is provided to the client.

Strategic Approach:-

We choose the best-fitted approach for the problem that our clients face. We strategically deal with the facts of the case and develop the situation for the best interest of the client and provide the clients with best possible legal remedies.

Comfort zone:-

Women who have suffered the atrocities of their husband or in laws feel comfortable to share their horrifying matrimonial life experiences, which may be actually sensitive to share, with a lady lawyer who is an expert in family litigation. The confidentiality of their case is taken care of as it is one of the priorities of the firm.

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