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Will Probation Cases

Will Probation Cases

Probation in criminal law is a period of supervision over an offender, ordered by the court as an alternative of serving time in prison.

When you are on court ordered probation and do not meet the requirements set forth by the Court, you may be charged with a violation of probation (VOP). It is important to understand a violation of probation is a new criminal charge in and of itself, and the VOP will appear on your record in addition to your original charge or charges.

Early attorney intervention may be your best defence. If you think you have violated your probation, it is never too early to hire an attorney. NB Law Firm can help you in finding suitable lawyers for your respected case. An attorney may intervene on your behalf with the office of probation and parole, the State Attorney’s office, and the courts to protect your rights and possibly prevent incarceration.

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